Monday, December 30, 2013

My Brand New Filofax!

As many of you know, I've become totally addicted to Filofaxes recently. I remember hearing about them and wondering what the big deal was. Well, now I know! I have always been a lover of stationery, planners, stickers and of course scrapbooking. Using my Filofaxes and decorating the pages definitely merges all of these loves. I also enjoy social networking and between Instagram, blogs and Facebook groups, I can keep in touch with all of the other Filofax Fans out there.

I've been sharing my weekly pages on Instagram and Facebook and decided to make them a part of my blog, too, so I can add more details. I've also added some of my favorite bloggers on my sidelink. If you love using planners, definitely check those out. For those of you who come to see my projects, don't worry, there will be plenty of posts about them, too. I hope to show how I use my Filofax as a means to support my Project Life pages and show a bit of how I organize my supplies, too.

I thought I'd start off with one of my new Christmas gifts. I got this lovely Personal Original in Green and just love it. The green is a gorgeous shade. I hadn't seen an original in person yet, but I am so glad I got it. I have a Saffiano, a Finsbury and a Domino. I really like all of these, but the Original is my new fave. The leather is really soft and smooth and when you open the planner it lays nice and flat.

There is an elastic pen loop on the inside cover. I am able to put two pens in it! They are both slim (slim Frixion 038 and Staedtler) so it works out perfectly.

I am currently on winter break, so I had lots of time to play around in my scraproom and set it up. This is what I spent yesterday afternoon doing...

I got a laminator, a label maker, lots of tapes and some stickers. Of course, I had to order all of my gifts myself, LOL, since DH has no clue what I like. He's just happy he didn't have to shop!

So, I made dividers for my Green Original. Since I'm using this one for my Design Team/Project Life/ Blogging stuff, those are the tabs I decided to create. Here they are right out of the laminator.

And here they are once the were placed in the binder.

Once I got everything set up, I decorated this week's pages. I had gotten a bunch of cute Rilakkuma goodies for Christmas so I used those for this week.

 Isn't he cute? I love how I can get cutesy in my Filofax and still keep my shabbier side for cards and such. ;)
Here's what I used:
Filofax- Original Green
Pens- Frixion Slimline 038 in pink Staedtler marker in light green
Tapes-Cellophane Rillakuma (Ebay)
           Green Floral, Polka Dot (Bella Blvd.)
Bunny Sticky Note- Ebay
So, that's pretty much what I've been up to the last few days. Thanks for stopping by!
Be sure to visit again on New Year's Day. I'm going to be a part of a huge blog hop which will involve a ton of scrapping giveaways! 


Unknown said...

Lovely blog post. I love stationery and agree with you that planner decorations merge my love for all cute things.

Pink Fard said...

I'm also a Filofax addict! I'm italian and I love your blog. New follower. Follow me on my new blog:


Sasha Farina said...

oh my goodness.. no. you're making me want a filofax. hahaha..!!

caroline hancock said...

WOW this is stunning! I bought an EC for 2014 but I think next year I will be going the FF route, they are just so much more versatile :)

donn said...

Your gifts look wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talent...

cebelica said...

Soooo cute!!!! <3

brica said...

what's your ig handle?

brica said...

what's your ig handle?

Unknown said...

Hi Do you have instagram?

Please check out my blog

I have journal prompts on there and organising and planning things too. Also I do a weekly fun to do and just started a "all about my life' book so people can follow the journal prompts and questions on there. Please check it out!