Monday, January 25, 2016

One Little Word - Accomplish

So, how many of you do 'One Little Word' for the  year. I have to admit that I've done it in the past, but have forgotten it by March. I kid you not. I would think, 'Hmmm, what was my word for the year?' Pretty sad. Anyway, this year, I decided things would be different. I decided to use one of my planners as my goal planner.I chose gold, just because I love it and it seems so perfect for the task. I have a lot to do this year, so I chose the word ACCOMPLISH. And what better way to accomplish my goals than to track them in my planner. Let me show you my set up...

I started off by using one of the dashboards and adding my word to it. I love how you open up the planner and BAM, there's my word. No forgetting it for me this year.

Next, I set up my twelve monthly calendar spreads. In between the pages I put one of the Webster's Color Crush 'goals' insert pages. I haven't used these as intended before, but am so glad I have a reason for them now. Here you can see my January goals. I decided not to set too many or to  make them to hard - I know I won't meet them that way. Setting manageable ones seems the best way for me to actually ACCOMPLISH them. :) So, the goals are written in the middle, then on the top and bottom, I list the steps that I will do to meet them. It's been fun checking things off as I go this month.

Now, I guess I didn't get a clear picture, but you can see parts of the calendar page. On there, I planned when I will do each of the tasks to meet my goals. It's been helping me stay on target and doesn't get lost in my weekly/monthly schedule that can get overwhelming.

That is the main part of my planner. But, what about the rest of it. Well, I created sections for the areas in my life which the goals may be a part of. In these sections, I can make notes, write lists, save phone numbers, etc. The sections are Fitness, Professional, Financial, Home, and Personal.

So far, this system has really worked for me. I'm looking forward to ACCOMPLISHING a lot this year.

Do you have a goal setting system? I'd love to see it. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!


Romy said...

Such a wonderful idea and your binder and pages look fabulous.

Unknown said...

Loved your post! Thanks for sharing! @planningmyday laura