Thursday, February 3, 2011

CHA Wrap Up - Part 1

What can I say? CHA was so much fun!!! I love spending time with my girls Jess and Cindy. We always have the best time together and have the roommate thing down pat. I miss them already.

There were so many great things about being at the show. We bought lots of awesome new products for Emma's Paperie. Oh, my wallet is definitely going to be hurting! I'll share some of my favorites next time, but today I wanted to focus on one of the best things about being there. The people! Unfortunately, I didn't get to take pictures of everyone I wanted to, since I had to leave a day early due to the weather. (and boy, I'm glad I did...I've heard horror stories about cancelled flights and delays..) But here are a few of my favorite shots.

First, I got to meet some friends whom I've known a long time online, but never had the chance to meet face to face. It was so great finally getting to do so:

Betsy Veldman

Becky Olson

Pamela Young

Ellen Sosnoski

Piradee Talvanna and Kim Watson

Julia Sandvoss

Nina Brackett

Jamie Dougherty

(Are you sick of my mug yet???)

Then there were the friends I've met before, but always love catching up with...

Stacy Cohen

Cari Fennell and Sharon Laakonnen (so bummed that this is the only shot I got at Prima!!)

Sonda Tadlock

Michelle Jackson

Maren Benedict

And of course, those special people who I always love spending time with at CHA...

Cindy, who I didn't get a shot alone with...WAH...!


and Cath

There were so many more people who I wanted to get pictures with, but my time ran out. I'm so bummed that I didn't get any with the Webster's gang, though we had a lot of fun hanging out together!

Here's one last photo. It was the group shot taken at the Paper Crafts booth. This picture just makes me happy!

Well, I'll leave you with a card. I made this one for the February GDT lift at Inspire Me. I used the new Ladies and Gents line along with a new bloomer and some netting.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back with some of my favorites from the show, soon.
Have a great day!


Romy said...

Oh my, it looks like you've had an amazing time at CHA! I'm just a tad jealous...going to CHA is one of my biggest dreams. We're planning to go to the USA this summer and I'm trying really hard to convince my parents we have to go to Chicago: I want to go to CHA summer 2011 so badly. It would be great to see so many talented fellow scrappers too:)

And I love that gorgeous card of yours. Such a fab lift! It is clean & simple, but still so shabby chic and beautiful.

Ivanka said...

Beautiful card and I love seeing pictures from CHA. I got to go once a few years ago, it's such a blast! Thanks so much for sharing.

Lindsay said...

Oh, these pictures are so fabulous, I feel like I was there with you. Such a fun time thank you for sharing! Your card is gorgeous too! I love the colors!

cnelson said...

Soooo fun!!! GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS card *as always!!

Daniela Dobson said...

I love seeing all the photos!!! Looks like so much fun!!! The card is beautiful.

Queenie said...

LOVELY CARD and pictures!! It was terrific meeting you at CHA!

ellen s. said...

hi!!!!!!!!!! it was so great to meet. i wish i had more time to hang with you.

i guess we will have to get together in the poconos :)

Ivana Camdzic said...

I can imagine just how INCREDIBLE it must have been to mingle with all the talented crafters at CHA, not to mention the opportunity to marvel at all the new products from companies we all love so dearly! I hope to go one day soon....
As for your lift, I loooove your gorgeous card!!! I am absolutely in LOVE with the colours!Stunning creation, as always!
And I got your comment about the supper you had with Nina...It's so neat that she lives in Croatia now! I go back to visit my family and the beautiful country every once in a while and have even thought a lot about moving back there eventually! For now, though, we are planning our wedding in 2012 to take place on the Croatian coast...Hope it all works our for us and I hope to see Nina when I go!

Ronda Palazzari said...

how did we miss each other? Christine & i thought that when we were leaving at the airport...we missed anabelle

Julia Sandvoss said...

HI Anabelle! Can I say I was tickled to pieces that we finally finally met! I've got to drop you an email just as soon as I get myself caught up!

Beautiful card too! ;-)

Anthonette said...

Your card is gorgeous! I loved seeing your CHA photos.

Audrey Pettit said...

How fun! I just love seeing all your photos. I sure hope to make it back to CHA some day. I've only ever been to one, back several years ago when I co-owned a kit club. It's a lot of work, but just so much fun. A girl can dream. :)
Your card is just gorgeous, Anabelle! So elegant and so stunning. Always, always love your work.