Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween is Coming!

I think Fall is definitely here to stay! Ryan is so excited and couldn't wait to bring out our tub of decorations. We are trying to get the yard decorated. Since we were on the run all weekend, not much of that happened. But, I did manage to decorate our fireplace mantle.

Oh, sidenote here...speaking of the fireplace...we came home last night and lit a fire so we could enjoy it while the Phillies game was on. All of a sudden we look over and Pulu is sitting INSIDE the fireplace, curled up cozy as can be. Now, it wasn't a roaring fire, but there WAS flames and he's sitting there about 2 inches away from them. Fran jumped up and shooed him out. I wanted to grab my camera for a picture, but there wasn't enough time. Have you ever heard of such a silly cat??? Guess that's why they say they have nine lives!!!

So, back to decorating...

I made this banner for the Emma's blog last week. I used a Melissa Frances banner kit and added a bunch of Halloween goodies to it. The supply list is HERE.

I love Halloween projects. They are always so much fun to make!

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Have a great day. :)


Audrey Pettit said...

I just LOVE your Halloween banner, Anabelle! That LYB line is my favorite from this year, and you have used it brilliantly here. SO love Halloween!
And OMGoodness, what a silly cat! :)

Romy said...

Your Halloween banner turned out soooo beautiful. I just love it! And gosh, it sounds like Pulu is such a crazy little cat. He definitely has no fears;)

Malin said...

That banner is sooo cute!!!
Wish we celebrated halloween here to!

BethW said...

This is adorable-I didn't even know Melissa made a banner kit. I have to get one and try this.