Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Peek into the Past

So, have you started your shopping? This is the first time in a while that I didn't brave Target, Kohl's or Walmart at 5am. I usually go with my girlfriend, but she was in Georgia this year, so I stayed home. The fun for me is all about getting out of the house for some uninterrupted girl time, so going by myself wasn't an option. We did get the Christmas Tree up and I did some shopping online. Got some great deals, too!

Speaking of shopping, recently, my brother found an old photo of our mall from around the time that we were kids. It's the Walt Whitman Mall on Long Island and the photo brough back such memories. I created this rather simple page. I wanted it to have a funky 60s/70s feel to it. I used a Glimmer Screen and Glimmer mist for the background and added some Zva pearls. The snowflakes were turned into flowers.

Here's the journaling if you're interested.
When Al sent me this photo of the Walt Whitman Mall circa 1970, I was instantly transported back in time. How many times did I throw pennies into that fountain?
How many times did Mom and I wait outside of that Macy’s on December 26 so we could go in and get our bargain wrapping paper? Al and I started remembering all of the aspects of the Mall of our youth. The Italian ice stand in the alcove by Macy’s, Food of All Nations, McCrory’s. Later on, it was shopping at Jean Nicole for the
latest fashions (Jordache and Sassoon jeans) and going to the 3-11 Shoppe
looking for prom dresses. I love this photo for so many reasons. Mostly because it brings me back to the carefree, fun days of my youth. The Mall was the hub of our social lives and seeing it the way it looked back then is such a treat. I don’t know who took this picture or why they did, but I’m so glad we found it. The white globe lights are now gone and the Whitman Mall is totally upscale now. But, this is how it will always look in my heart.

This photo made me want to go out and start taking pictures of everything around me. I'd love to see the grocery store we shopped at as kids, see the library how it looked and even view my old bedroom. I think having pictures of the 'mundane' things really captures history. Finding this photo is a reminder that I want to do that for Ryan.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day!


Carmen said...

Lots of memories!! I love the background with the glimmer mist and the bling! Beautiful!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

very cool LO! Love the misting and the style!!!

Vel said...

I love the misting on this! Beautiful lo!

Unknown said...

Great LO, you really captured the retro vibe!

Makes me think about how much we take for granted that things won't change when in reality they almost always do.

(-: Heidi

Melisa Hunter said...

What great memories! So nice of you to do that for your own children. They will treasure it!

Lauren said...

This layout was awesome! I LOVE Vintage mall photos you can check out his blog, but sadly it's author has yet to update it in over 2 years..Nonetheless, it is still a great read..
Have a great day!

Julie Overby said...

What a neat layout! How fun to have all those memories from the past.

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, this is just so cool! Listening to your journaling made me start thinking of all my mall memories as a child. Amazing how many we all have. I would love a photo like this.
gorgeous page, and thanks for the memories.