Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back From New York City

I'm back! Cindy and I headed up to New York on Saturday morning to go to the New York Stationery show. It was such a wonderful three days away, though I missed my two guys a lot. We packed in a TON of stuff in three short days.

The first day we got there, we headed downtown to SoHo and Greenwich Village for some shopping. It was awesome. We hit Little Italy and found this bakery. Of course I had to get my two favorite italian treats...Napolean and Pignoli Cookies. (this was the beginning of my non-stop eating fest!)

On Sunday, we hit the show.

And we hit it hard! We walked the entire floor in one day. (That on top of all the other walking we did around town has left me sooooo sore! Cindy and I figured all of the walking HAD to cancel out all of the eating we did!!!) There were so many gorgeous things there. LOTS of greeting cards and invitations. If you owned a gift or card shop, you could drop some serious $$$$$ there. There were a handful of paper crafting exhibitors so we were able to pick up some great goodiess for Emma's Paperie. Cindy will be posting photos on the blog in the next few days, so be sure to check it out.

Here are some photos of one of my favorite things there. It's decorated packaging tape from a new company called Fancy That! There are so many things you can do with this fun product. Cindy ordered a bunch of it and we will be playing with it soon. Here are some photos.

Yesterday morning we got up and met Cath, April and Wendy for breakfast. It was a quick, but fun time. Here's a shot of me and Cath.

And here's one with Cindy. I can't believe this is the only shot I got with the two of us in it.

We said good-bye to the ladies and headed uptown for some more shopping. This time we hit 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center. So fun!!!!

I had to get to FAO Schwartz to find something for Ryan.

He is totally hooked on Ugly Dolls so that's what I got him. He loved it.

Finally, we walked along 5th Ave. The stores there are so amazing. I loved this window display at Louis Vuitton. Those are neon lighting tubes. It was sooo bright and colorful.

So, needless to say, I'm exhausted. But in a good way!
Thanks for stopping by. As soon as the creative juices flow again, I'll be posting some new projects.

Have a great day!


Linda Beeson said...

jeolous of everything! Hanging with Cindy, meeting Cath, shopping and eating and shopping!!!

Melanie said...

Oh HOW FUN!!! Love the photos. You ladies are sooo purdy!!! Can't wait to see the new goodies at Emma's. Welcome back!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

oh wow it looks like it was a BLAST!! Nothing like good northern eats and a fun day around paper!!! :)

KellyG said...

Looks like an amazing time! So glad you had fun and that packaginf tape looks like loads of fun to play with!!!

Can't wait to so things start srrving in the store!

Dena said...

I am sooo jealous of your trip it isn't even funny! It looks like you had a fabulous time. And you are too cute, did you know that :)

Miki said...

What fun photos from your trip. You & Cindy look fabulous! That packing tape it so cool and oh man, little Italy sounds amazing!

Julia Sandvoss said...

Your trip sounds absolutely amazing to me! And those pictures of you and Cindy are fantastic! You look so cute Annabelle. Love your hair too!! Can't wait to see more pics!

Sherry Wright said...

Oh aren't you two the cutest.. looks like a blast with lots of shopping!

Kandis Smith said...

Looks like you had a blast! I would have LOVED to be there! Glad you got to eat good food too-always fun!

Leslie Ashe said...

How CUTE are YOU Anabelle!! I LOVE your pics from your trip!! Looks like you girls had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!
Welcome back! :)

Delaney Gates said...

LV window display = utter heaven!! Looks like y'all had a fun time!

Patty O'Malley said...

Can't wait to use the decorated tape. Love the new haircut!

Lea L. said...

Sounds like a fun time Annabelle! Love all those photos!!


Debbie Olson said...

This sounds like an amazingly inspirational trip! I'd love to see it all!